EU officers spread fake news about arresting LGBT rights activist in Poland

Opublikowano: 2020-08-11


Dunja Mijatovic, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, and Helena Dalli, European Union Commissioner for Equality, lead the charge against Poland by diffusing fake news about events that took place last week in Warsaw.

Michal Szutowicz, identifying himself as woman ‘Margot’, LGBT rights activist from “Stop Bzdurom” (Stop the Nonsens) group, was main figure in physical assault on pro-life activist few months ago. Together with group of other activists they stopped van presenting anti-LGBT content (mostly against obligatory sexual education in public schools forced by LGBT organizations), beat the driver and vandalized the truck with knife and paint. Video from hidden cameras with aggressive Szutowicz in action can be easily found across the internet.

The activist was also involved in desecration of statues and hurting religious feelings by draping with LGBT flags several statues in Warsaw, including the statue of Crucified Christ, that was not destroyed by Germans after Warsaw Uprising in 1944, by many citizens considered as symbol of the capital’s resurrection after World War II.

Last week Szutowicz was taken into custody for two months of pre-trial detention. It is worth to emphasise that it was because of the criminal assault and not because of the above-mentioned flag action.

During his seizure LGBT rights activists were violently hindering actions of the police, repeatedly insulting the officers with vulgarities, even getting on top of the police car. It resulted in the arrest of 48 demonstrators. The Police informed on Twitter that “Interventions are being undertaken against the most aggressive people. Zero tolerance for breaking the law.” As immediately accused of brutality, the Police of Warsaw has published records proving their actions were a professional response to aggression towards the officers.

Even though, those events are being used by the EU officers to spread fake news as if the Polish authorities violates LGBT rights.

European Union Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, presents Polish authorities and police officers as oppressive and brutal side. She has lately tweeted that „Everyone in the EU, including #LGBTI persons, has the freedom to assemble and the right to conduct peaceful protest”. One should remind that other video from the detain shows Szutowicz provoking and insulting not reacting policeman straight in the face.

It is not the first time Dalli accuses Polish authorities of discrimination and not respecting human rights. She has pinned on top of her Twitter account the information that “6 town twinning applications involving Polish authorities that adopted 'LGBTI free zones’ or 'family rights’ resolutions were rejected”.

But the fact is there are no literally ‘LGBTI free zones’ in Polish towns. This catchphrase has been introduced by… LGBT activist. His photo campaign showed individuals identifying themselves as LGBT, standing before road signs with towns’ names with ‘LGBT-free zone’ signs purposely attached to them.

Afterwards some authorities started using the phrase in particular resolutions, but mainly in the context of defending parents’ constitutional rights “to rear their children in accordance with their own convictions” as recently pro-LGBT organizations has strongly forced obligatory and permissive sexual education in Polish schools.

The above-mentioned ‘family rights resoultion’ – precisely ‘Family rights card for local governments’ – is pro-family act, not directed against any sexual minorities. It is rather not resolution introducing new regulations but statement that the local authorities will protect marriage and family rights written down in the Polish constitution.

As stated on the website of the project, the card “does not exclude and discriminate any group of citizens” as well as “none of the demands in the card does not change legal situation of individuals staying in cohabiting unions other than marital”.

Meanwhile, Dunja Mijatovic, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, called on Twitter for “immediate release of LGBT activist Margot from .@stopbzdurom detained yesterday for blocking an anti-LGBT hate van & putting rainbow flags on #Warsaw monuments. Order to detain her for 2 months sends very chilling signal for #FreedomOfSpeech & #LGBT rights in #Poland”.

Afterwards she has posted lots of tweets and shared many links as if trying to make an impression that the police abused of its power during the detain and the LGBT rights are being violated in Poland. The Commissioner has also shared the position of ILGA-Europe, pro-LGBT rights federation, as if the punishment for Szutowicz is inappropriate.

Polish Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, has announced the formal response to Mijatovic’s appeal.


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Photo: Pixabay License/Kevin_Snyman